Search Engine Optimization

Beat the competition and rank on search engine results. Don’t spend countless hours learning SEO, let our team do the boring tasks that kills time.

Search Engine traffic is the best source for long-term lead generation.

We understand how time-consuming SEO can be for you as a business owner, and in some niches, it is difficult to beat your competitors to the first page of search results for up to 1 year.

But with years of practice as a digital marketing team, we have learnt how to make things work in an ample time.

How Do We Simplify SEO Process For Business Owners?

Thriving Smart team will make an in-depth SEO analysis on your website, do competitor analysis, and then create a smart optimization plan for the next 30 days.

The 30-day implementation plan created by our team will include, dependent on the SEO plan you choose; Onsite optimization guide, Offsite optimization guide, Local SEO, and Backlinks.

Choose An SEO Plan


On-site website optimization
$ 499
/ Month
  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • Page Content Improvement
  • 1 Optimized Article / Week
  • Internal Page Link Building
  • Post-delivery Support


Off-site website optimization
$ 599
/ Month
  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Niche Keyword Research
  • Profile Backlink Building
  • 2 Optimized Guest Posts / Week
  • Improve Domain Authority
  • 200+ Social Signals / Week


Professionally get more done
$ 799
/ Month
  • Everything in On-site plan
  • Everything in Off-site plan
  • Google Map Citations
  • Forum Backlink Building
  • Quora Backlink Building
  • Content Marketing - Basic

Frequently Asked Question

Our service extends to most niches, except gambling and adult content.

30 Days. We send you a worksheet that shows our 30-day implementation. 

Search engine optimization works slowly. 

Depending on how competitive your niche is, You can start to see result in 60 days. But in most cases, you will start to see result within 4-6months of work.

Our SEO service is on a monthly term. The features described in the plans/pricing table represents the work we do monthly – for an active subscription.

Yes you can get awesome result by just subscribing for 1 month. 

But this is depended on your niche. A neurosurgeon’s website can be ranked with the 1 month order. But a fitness coach will require up to 4 months of work.

The higher the competition, the more work required to scale.

SEO Services can not be reversed once delivered. 

So, we will NOT be able to issue a refund once the service has started.

We trust that the service will be of great help to your business and you’ll love it.

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