Content Writing

We research to write quality content based on long-tail keywords that your prospective clients type in search engines.

Our team use premium insight tools to determine best topics to write on. This allows your website to start ranking as fast as it can in a shortest period of time.

That is why content marketing is a core feature in our SEO plans










Freequently Asked Questions

Can You Write On Every Topic I want?

Yes! We love research and the writer assigned to your project will dedicate ample amount of time to researching your topic before writing.

If I Have An Outline, Can You Work With My Outline?

You will submit an outline to us. 

How Many Keywords Do You Target In 1 Article?

1 article can have maximum of 2 focus words. 

Do You Post This Article On Guest Blogs?

No. This service is for content writing only. 

 If you need article distribution to build quality backlinks to your website or product, consider ordering our SEO Plan.

Do I Have Edit Permission?

Yes, you can edit and re-format articles we deliver to you. You own it 100% and have the full right to do with it what you wish.

Do I Get Full Right To These Articles?

What Is The Format Of Delivered Article?

Can I Give You The Topics To Write On?

Yes, you can provide the topics for articles.

But, if you have no topics in mind, you can provide us your focus keywords and we will research for long-tail keywords.

The longtail keywords will become the articles  topics – no extra fee!

Do You Write Negative Review About A Business?

No, we do not do negative marketing.

We avoid black-hat SEO 100%.  We do not write against your competitors in order to favor your business.

Our goal is to get more businesses to thrive smartly, not pull competitors down.

Have a question?

We’re always happy to answer your questions. No question is dumb.