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Don’t spend countless hours that should be channeled into service delivery trying to learn and implement search engine optimization.

We understand how time-consuming SEO can be for you as a business owner, and in some niches, it is difficult to beat your competitors to the first page of search results for up to 1 year.

But with years of practice in digital marketing, we have learnt how to make things work in an ample time.

Choose a plan below and we will get to work.

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Freequently Asked Questions

Can I Subscribe For Only 1 Month?

Yes you can subscribe for just 1 month. 

If you have paid with a credit card or paypal, then you have to cancel the subscription from your account area to ensure you are not automatically billed for the new month.

If you subscribed through manual payments (Bank transfer or Cryptocurrency), then you will not be billed automatically even if you forgot to cancell before the due date.

How Long Does Service Take To Be Delivered?

The plan expires in 30 Days, except if renewed. We’ll send you a worksheet that shows our 30-day implementation. 

How Long Does It Take To See Effect Of SEO Work Done?

An average of 3 months for most niches. But for highly competitive niches, it can take more work time – up to 6 months.

After My Website Starts Getting Organic Traffic, Do I Need To Continue SEO?

Yes you do need to continue to optimize. Your competitors do not sleep. 

Although we do the hard work within the first 4-6 months on your website, you still need to always do keyword research and publish content your prospects are looking to read. Build more backlinks too.

If you want to keep doing the work, then make sure to read the book Better SEO for Coaches, Creators & Marketers.

Where Will The Book Be Published?

On the professional plan, you get 2 books written in the first month. 1 book will be published on Amazon KDP, and the second one will be PDF for lead capture.

Once the book is LIVE on Amazon, you can also place it for sale on other book marketplaces – draw more sales and most importantly, get quality backlinks to your website.

Why Is the Renewal For Professional Plan Lowered From Second Month?

All content marketing techniques will be geared towards sending traffic to the funnel and to your blog.

Will My Website Rank On Google After SEO Service Delivery?

Do You Offer Money-back Guarantee?

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